Leap Motion: The Next BIG Gadget?

I have been travelling over to London town and have not had the chance to post in a while, my apologies but on the plus side I got offered an awesome job over in Old Street, cant wait to start, woop. Today I bring to you today this awesome new gadget by Leap Motion called the Leap. As motion control becomes more and more advanced and in demand, Leap Motion believes that it has the new standard. The device can integrate with tablets, smart phones, laptops and other devices and is claimed to be 200 times more accurate than existing technologies, all of this is packed into a device that is sligtly bigger than a box of matches. Leap simultaneously tracks the movements from all your fingers and allows for a vastly accurate movement readings within 1/100 of a milimeter. Apart from giving users complete control for any experience, another function of Leap allows users to expand their work space by chaining devices together. Really exciting stuff!! Leap is expected to be available for around $70 USD, in limited quantities to begin with. You can find more information through Leap Motion.

Check out little taster video below:

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Looking for some inspiring music? Well British dubstep producer, Jakwob shows his versatility and awesomeness with a 14-track mixtape, The Prize. The compilation enlists the vocal talents of Roses Gabor, Ghostpoet, Mr Hudson, 14th, Youngman and Kano. By infusing together a variety of genres, he creates some very compelling tracks that showcase his profound musical knowledge. If you like post-dubstep and electronic music and are fans of artists such as Jamie XX and SBTRKT, then this ones worth a listen and should have you inspired. You can stream the album below and download the project for free via Jakwob’s website: WWW.JAKWOB.COM

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Villa Amanzi by Original Vision

Wow! Overlooking the Andaman Sea, the beautifully designed Villa Amanzi sits proud on a breathtaking ravine background on the island of Phuket, Thailand. Original Vision is the team responsible for this stunning achievement of world class architecture and deserve considerable credit for their very original creation. The pure openness of the home invites the inhabitants to indulge in the magical scenery in which it is set. Just look at that beautiful swimming area. Click the image below to see some more photos.

Source: Contemporist.com

Photography by Helicam Asia Aerial Photography

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Unbelievable. Awesome Imagery!

Places Unknown

On our first day in California we saw sun light two times. Sunset and sunrise. At sunset we were at the Point Reyes, sunrise we decided to see over San Francisco Bay with Golden Gate Bridge in front of us. Most of the sunrise was not a big event, as you can see clouds were all over the sky, but there was a little break on the horizon with sun picking out couple times as it went up. Then for about 1-2 minutes we were enlightened with this view.

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Punks Jump Up ft. Chromeo – Mr. Overtime

Allow me to state the obvious, ITS FRIDAY!!! Time to get your dancing shoes on for the weekend so here is a new tune, along with some authentik animated visuals, to put you in the mood. London’s Punks Jump Up enlist Chromeo’s Dave 1 on the mic to bring us this catchy, up-tempo beat that will have you rocking in your chair waiting for the night to fall. The video is a job well done too. What do you think, ready for the weekend? Enjoy peepz.

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New York City in 870,000 Images – Online Showcase

Into Photography? Interested in how New York City looked at the early part of the 19’00s? Well 870,000+ photos from an archive that exceeds 2.2 million images have been scanned and made available online, for the first time. The collection gives audiences a taste of how NYC life. Some incredible photography from the 5 boroughs of this great city straight to your computer screen!! Click the image below to jump to the entire collection. Check it out and let us know what you think.


Looking out over the Hudson River from the George Washington Bridge

Photo By New York City Municipal Archives, WPA Federal Writers' Project, Jack Rosenzwieg

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Lawless – Official Trailer

The brand new, official trailer for Lawless which is set to hit screens on 31st August, 2012. The movie will see Shia LaBeouf alongside Tom Hardy playing bootlegging gangsters in the prohibition era and is based on the true story of the infamous Bondurant Brothers. Alcohol, cigars and Tommy guns make this film one that I will look forward to. Stream the trailer below and let me know what you think.

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Jetman – Swiss Airspace

It looks like Yves “JETMAN” Rossy has been doing his magic again, this time over Swiss airspace. This would be such an experience and I’m saving up some pennies for when they hit market. Imagine the feeling of flying in total freedom with your body and sensations kissing the sky as you weave in and out of the clouds. Better yet, imagine rocking up to an important meeting or date wearing those wings, priceless… Check out the breathtaking scenery and incredible stunts that Jetman pulls off throughout the video below. UPDATE: VIDEO REMOVED FROM VIMEO AND YOUTUBE

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Fetsum – Nobody Knows (Live)

Check out this artist who goes by the name Fetsum in an inspirational accoustic performance. Fetsum, who was born in Egypt, raised in Italy and is now based in Berlin shows his cultured background through his open-minded music which is eloquent, to say the least. His album “The Colors of Hope” is released on 28th May and looks very promising indeed. Do you love it? Let the world know what you think.

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Audi -Brandfilm 2012

Supremely infatuated with the greatness of this footage. Even if your not a fan of Audi, I think you will appreciate this moving and impressive short film, you may even get that spine-tingling sensation as I did. Congratulations to the German advertising agency Kempertrautmann and Christopher Hewitt who directed this incredible piece of work. Stream below and let others know what you think of it.

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